After sales service

. 设备型号的选择。 1. Selection of equipment model.

. 根据客户的特殊要求,设计制造产品。 2. Design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers.

. 为客户培训技术人员! 3. Train technical staff for customers!  

. 免费派工程技术人员到用户现场。 4. Send engineering and technical personnel to the user site for free.

. 协助客户拟订施工方案。 5. Assist clients in drawing up construction plans.

. 我们的投资回收期:1-3个月 6. Our payback period: 1-3 months

. 博信客服24小时在线为您服务。 7. Boxin customer service is at your service 24 hours a day.

. 合作共赢: 你大赢、我小利 8. Win-win cooperation: You win big, I win small .


    Customer first

1. Establish a "customer first" service concept.

2. Serve customers sincerely and establish a sincere attitude.

3.Provide customers with comprehensive and considerate services before, during and after sale.

4. Boxin Heavy Industry service network reaches every place where Boxin Heavy Industries produces products for sale.

5.Technology is the root, innovation is the soul, and talent is the survival of Boxin Heavy Industry.

6. Your request The service staff of Boxing Heavy Industry will give you a satisfactory answer within 48 hours.